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inkxs [ˈɪŋkˌ ɪkˈsɛs] noun

Etymology:  ink·xs ®, abbreviation for ink·excess.

Definition:  Excess of ink.
Contemporary behavioural deviation inspired by ancestral rituals. Compulsive and often unnecessary abuse of skin inking, due to modern life survival.

- inkxssively adverb
- inkxsessed adj. tattooed

The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, Vol. XLII.


Inkxs started in 2000 as an intentional project, intended to provide a space in the web for colleagues, artists, friends and just people interested in art. The original idea then collapsed under a general lack of commitment and my personal lack of time. Since then Inkxs has evolved to become my personal portfolio and business name.

I started tattooing in February of 1994. Putting all of my energy into it, and spending most of the last 18 years traveling around the planet, working at many tattoo studios and learning from many good artists in Europe, America, and Australia.

After quite a long time living out of a suitcase, I got tired of couch surfing and I tried to settle roots in Aosta, the tiny town where I was born and raised, at the shade of Europe's tallest mountains.
In spite of this, I keep spending at least six months of every year on the road looking for new experiences, and enjoying guest positions at creative and inspiring studios.

I'm definitely grateful to all of the talented artists who have helped me along the path, either by granting a couch, or sharing new techniques and tricks.
Both the legendary Mao & Cathy's "Terror Tattoo Crew" and Eternal Instinct's crew, made my working experience every day greater and more enriching.
Also to the huge amount of people and artists I couldn't quote here, I give massive thanks.

Right now I offer a clean and professional environment in a couple of tattoo studios in the north of Italy, as well as looking forward to new locations and collaborations around this beautiful planet.